Types Of Waste Management Disposal Methods

Waste management is the management of discarded materials and trash. Waste management can be a process of collection, transport, treatment and disposal, or in some cases just collection and disposal. It also includes the management of the processes of waste handling and it may include waste disposal and recycling. It is a term that is […]

Waste Management

Waste management is very important in the United States. Approximately 0.5% of GDP is spent by the federal, state and local governments to properly manage garbage, sewage and industrial wastes. The industry helps keep the environment safe and healthy and provides thousands of jobs. It is also a very important aspect of the U.S. economy […]

Types Of Plastic Recycling In USA

The recycling of plastics began in the United States when in the late 1960s plastic shopping bags were given out by supermarkets in the hope that they would take the place of paper carriers. But unfortunately, the public was slow to adapt to this new way of carrying goods and so before long, there was […]

What Is Plastic Recycling?

Plastic recycling is the process for the recycling of plastics. Plastic objects are often used only once and then thrown away, which creates problems for the environment, especially in landfills. Even though plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces and some of the chemicals from the plastic are released into the […]

Recycling In USA

Recycling in the United States began during the 1960s and 1970s with curbside collection programs. Some communities began paying businesses to recycle using the “waste as treasure” model. This method involved salvaging reusable material by hand. But the market for recyclables has changed dramatically since its inception. The rise of China and other developing nations […]

What Is Recycling?

Recycling is reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. This can be done by using recyclable materials. Recycling is very important because it preserves limited resources such as fossil fuels and minerals. However, the benefits of recycling are not limited to saving resources. By saving these resources, recycling can also cut down […]