Pollution in Waco, Texas

Whenever it tends to come to ozone pollution, Texas ranks high among the states of the United States. Among the top 25 most contaminated cities in the country are Houston, the Texas Valued metroplex, as well as the Waco area. Both Houston and McAllen-Edinburg have consistently significant concentrations of PM (particulate matter) polluted air all […]

Why Plastic Recycling Doesn’t Work

How Does Recycling Work Recycling is an easy concept to grasp. In the context of sustainability, it is taking objects that are made of materials that can be used again and turning them back into something else. It is important to recycle because it keeps materials like aluminum, glass, and paper out of landfills and […]

Types Of Waste Management Disposal Methods

Waste management is the management of discarded materials and trash. Waste management can be a process of collection, transport, treatment and disposal, or in some cases just collection and disposal. It also includes the management of the processes of waste handling and it may include waste disposal and recycling. It is a term that is […]

Waste Management

Waste management is very important in the United States. Approximately 0.5% of GDP is spent by the federal, state and local governments to properly manage garbage, sewage and industrial wastes. The industry helps keep the environment safe and healthy and provides thousands of jobs. It is also a very important aspect of the U.S. economy […]